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Bridging the Gaps

Our Transition team will discuss the Continuum of Care in our health care system today.
Introductory Offer of: $97.00

Medications Management

Our Transition team will discuss safe use of medications by patients or dispensed by their families based on patients' plans of care.
Introductory Offer of: $97.00

Transition Planning

Our Transition team will discuss processes that facilitate the safe transition of patients from one level of care to another. This would include moving home and/or changing from one practitioner to another.
Introductory Offer of: $97.00

Information Transfer

Our Transition Team will discuss important care information that needs to be shared among patient, family, caregiver and healthcare providers in a timely and effective manner.
Introductory Offer of: $97.00

Patient and Family Education with follow up care

Our Transition Team will discuss ways to educate patients and families to enhance their active participation in their own care including informed decision making. We will also discuss ways to facilitate safe transitions with effective follow up care.
Introductory Offer of: $97.00

Healthcare Provider Engagement

Our Transition Team will discuss/demonstrate, responsibility, accountability, and management for the care of the patient and family/caregiver at all times in a healthcare environment.
Introductory Offer of: $97.00

Shared Accountability across Providers and Organizations

Our Transition Team will discuss accountability of patient care as the patient is released from one healthcare provider and makes the transition to the provider receiving the patient.
Introductory Offer of: $97.00

About Our System

Angel McGarrity-Davis

AMD HealthCare Solutions

I am dedicated to ensuring that quality and compassion are a wayof life for each of our patients and residents. I fundamentally believe that caring for the elderly and the disabled is a calling, and I am committed to answering the call… Honesty, integrity and compassion are at the forefront of my focus.